A Drunken Sailor?!?!

I have heard repeatedly that our government spends money “like a drunken sailor.” Upon pondering the following data, I don’t think the sailor in question can hold a candle to our congress.

How much is a billion?

A billion seconds ago was 1959 . . . I was only 8 years old.

A billion minutes ago, Jesus was alive.

A billion hours ago, the earth was in the stone age.

. . . and a billion dollars ago was 8 hours and 20 minutes at the rate our government spends money!!


A Most Heated Discussion Most of the Time

Have you ever gotten into a theological discussion that just seems to invite disagreement? There are a lot of different subjects that can lead to that, and most of the time the problem is that one side or the other “assumes” what the other believes without letting him define it himself. One such subject is “Free Will.” When people ask me if I believe in “the free will of man,” I usually answer, “Of course I do and I don’t.” Michael Patton, over at the Parchment & Pen blog of Reclaiming the Mind Ministries has written an excellent article entitled What Do You Mean By “Free Will”. I highly recommend this to you, especially if you struggle with this issue or you find your views being misunderstood.

Reclaiming the Mind Ministries has some of the best theological studies for online that I have ever seen. I encourage you to spend some time checking them out.