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Thoughts on Tebow & Political Religious Speech

Yesterday morning I lingered at home in order to be able to watch the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, DC. It was a somber reminder that when politicians try and speak of “religious things” the message is most always muddled at best, truth is out and out denied at worse.  I heard a lot about the “brotherhood of all men” (which is a denial of God’s truth) and that all religions have the “same basic tenets and goals . . . and the same wonderful and loving God” (again contrary to the truth of God’s word).  What really came through is that most people who live by political correctness do not have a clue as to what Christianity, nor what other world religions, really teach and believe.

There was a bright spot however, when Tim Tebow stepped to the podium to offer the closing prayer.  His first words were, “Dear Jesus . . .”.  No denial of truth there!  No compromising of the Gospel!  No political correctness to try and equate Jesus with all other “gods” which are idols and false. Thank you Tim Tebow, for standing firmly on the Gospel!!  And he closed it “in Jesus’ name.”

Speaking of Tebow, have you been following the “controversy” surrounding him and the TV ad that is to play during the Super Bowl this Sunday.  As you may know, when Tim’s mother was pregnant with him, she was advised “for health reasons” to abort Tim.  She choose instead to carry him to term and, well, the rest of the story is history, as they say.  What has been the most interesting thing to come out of this is that many of the “feminist” and “pro-choice” groups have proven that they are not pro-choice at all.  They are only pro-choice if that choice is abortion.  And that is NOT pro-choice, that is simply pro-abortion, or pro-death!!!

Even Sally Jenkins, the pro-choice writer for the Washington Post, has written a scathing article criticizing all the groups who are clamoring to have CBS cancel the ad because it goes against the liberal orthodoxy of the day.  I love her opening comments: “Let me spit this out quick, before the armies of feminism try to gag me and strap electrodes to my forehead:  Tim Tebow is one of the better things to happen to young women in some time.”

Jenkins goes on to close her article in this way:

Tebow’s ad, by the way, never mentions abortion; like the player himself, it’s apparently soft-spoken.  It simply has the theme “Celebrate Family, Celebrate Life.”  This is what NOW has labeled “extraordinarily offensive and demeaning.”  But if there is any demeaning here, it’s coming from NOW, via the suggestion that these aren’t real questions, and that we as a Super Bowl audience are too stupid or too disinterested to handle them on game day. (you can read her entire article HERE)

I am thankful for young men like Tim Tebow who are willing to take a stand for right and truth, when it would be easier to just remain silent.  The church in the 21st century could learn a lot from this young 22 year old.