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How Sweet It Is!!!

I know this is a bit “off subject” from the normal posts on this site. But hey, it has been a long time coming to see the Tide back at #1. I know we still have three games to go, and two of those involved Tigers, but for now, it is just sweet to savor the return of the Tide.

BCS standings
1) Alabama ……. 0.974
2) Texas Tech … 0.937
3) Penn State …. 0.928
4) Texas ……….. 0.853
5) Florida ………. 0.826


One Response

  1. Sad thing is unless Penn State slips up against Iowa or Michigan State we probably won’t get a Big 12 vs an SEC Title game….clearly they are the 2 best conferences out there.

    Maybe we can get some of those in the Bowl games.

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