History Repeats Itself . . . so it seems!!

A couple of months back we spent a few days in Chicago doing the tourist thing.  We saw a lot of the Untouchable sites from the gangster days (no, not these gangster days but the ones of the Roaring 20s) and the beautiful archetecture on the river.  One of the most interesting things we saw was an exhibit in the old city library, now the Chicago Cultural Center.  The exhibit was of some Pulitizer Prize winning editorial cartoons from the early days of the Chicago Tribune.  It was amazing how some of the issues in the those days are the same issues we face today.  Of all the cartoons, this one was my favorite . . . it grieves me, but it it is so true.  I pray that our nation will wake up before it is too late.Chicago Tribune 1934


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  1. Error may last for a season but truth will prevail because truth is universal and eternal.

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